DID YOU KNOW THAT 9-11 was an INSIDE JOB and not only that….. Hail Our Lady Mary Full of Grace … Amen

keep up the good work I agree that there are more forms of corruption..

Things are heating up…3 areas of Government Corruption..

A) 9-11, 2001 check out http://www.ae911truth.org,

B) TWA-800 plane crash another murder cover-up,

C) Dr Burzynski cancer treatment COVER-UP

D) Internet filtering in all its forms covert and overt, to pervert the natural course of justice by concealing the true crimes perpetrated on September 11th, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York , U.S.A. Facebook only lets people who know that 9-11 was a False Flag operation to see posts of this nature.

refresher course on Building-7

The times of when Barry Jennings started running from Floor 23 to Floor 6 are very important.

This would be about 9:05am. To run down a dark stairwell from level 23 at 9:05am then to give 10 minutes to reach Level 6 the

Time of the explosion near Level 6 would be 9:12am to 9:15am.

No one has questioned why these two men could not exit the stairwell of Building-7 safely at 9:12am-9:15am ???????

If there were no explosions then these two men, Mr Hess and Mr Jennings should NEVER have needed rescuing.

Even the Cross Bronx City Express Firefighter, who rescued Mr Hess & Mr Jennings said all the stairwells were quote”blown away” ….

NO ONE HAS addressed STAIRWELL DAMAGE and witnesses… JUST LIKE THE TWA-800 plane crash which is a CIA , FB I and NTSB murder cover-up

cheers blavatsky3

PS I am a witness to the 7th September 1977 event alleged between Barbara Ramjan and Mr Tony Abbott. It did happen as Barbara Ramjan alleges. I was 13 years old when the incident occurred.